• Happy Thanksgiving!
    Posted On: Nov 21, 2017

    Brothers and Sisters,

    As we approach another Thanksgiving (the time flies by), it sometimes is hard to remember what we are thankful for.  The law enforcement officers of this state place their lives on the line in service to the community every day and sometimes we are required to pay that ultimate sacrifice to protect our communities.  It seems like we are still in the cycle when law enforcement officers are faced with the unrealistic expectations of being able to solve every community issue with less resources and being expected to do so in the face of life threatening dangers.   When you face those life-threatening situations and you are forced to react with deadly force; you will be called vile names, you will be exposed to criminal and civil liability, you will not be supported by your elected leaders, you will have criminal groups cyber-attack you, your family will be placed in harm's way and the list goes on and on.   Oh, and by the way, your pay and benefits are the cause of the bad economy.

    However, we need to know and remember we still have a lot to be thankful for:

    • Things like great FOP staff and attorneys who stand ready to help represent us,
    • Things like outstanding local leaders who do the hard work of the FOP every day,
    • Things like an awesome state and national organization who are fighting the fights on our behalf in the Statehouse and in Congress,
    • We are thankful for those who came before us and fought so hard for law enforcement officers to be a part of the middle class,
    • We are thankful for the thousands of supporters who stand by us, even when the media and activists are attacking us from every angle.   
    • We are thankful for the FOP and all the members who choose to stand united with their Brothers and Sisters in all this adversity.
    • We are thankful for thousands and thousands of law enforcement officers who still suit up and go to work every day to stand between good and evil, even when many do not understand or appreciate what that means or what that does to us physically and mentally

    Most importantly, we are thankful for God's protection over all of us while we serve!

    If you are fortunate enough to be with your family this Thanksgiving, please remember those who are working to provide the safety and protection to make that possible, both in Law Enforcement and in our Armed Forces.  All of us are thankful for our families who sacrifice so much so that we can protect and serve our communities.

    Please know that the FOP is thankful for all our members and we are thankful for all that our members do for our communities every day.

    Jay McDonald

    President - Ohio FOP

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