• FOP Ohio Auxiliary Board & Trustees
    Updated On: May 05, 2023
    • National Auxiliary

    The National Auxiliary governs over all members of the State and Subordinate Auxiliaries in the United States. The members to the National Auxiliary are elected biennially from the delegation of the National Auxiliary Conference, which is held in conjunction with the National FOP Conference. The National Auxiliary unifies and establishes policies for all Auxiliaries.


    National Auxiliary Board - (from Ohio)

    Linda Hennie,
    Immediate Past National President
    Susan Vargo,
    National Financial Secretary
    Cherie Siehl,
    Ohio National Trustee

    • Ohio State Auxiliary

    The State Auxiliary is made from members of subordinate auxiliaries within the State of Ohio. The Executive Board of the Ohio State Auxiliary is elected every two years from members attending the Ohio State Auxiliary Conference. The objective of the Ohio State Auxiliary is to coordinate statewide activities and to provide a liaison between subordinate auxiliaries and the National Auxiliary.

    Ohio State Auxiliary Board - Officers and Trustees

    Peggy Mohr,
    Peggy's Story

    Kay Houglan,
    Trustee - 1st District


    Karen Johansen,
    Karen's Story

    Trustee - 2nd/4th District


    Mary Davidson,
    Mary's Story

    Kristy Distel,
    Trustee - 3rd/6th District


    Stacey Hentosz,


    Linda Hennie,
    Trustee - 5th/9th District


    Cherie Siehl,
    Past President


    Becky McDonald,
    Trustee - 7th/8th District


    Cherie Siehl,
    Ohio National Trustee

    Susan Vargo,
    Trustee - 10th/11th District
    Susan's Story

    • Subordinate Auxiliary

    Subordinate auxiliaries are the life of the organization. A subordinate auxiliary is formed with permission from the local FOP lodge. You must have a minimum of ten eligible persons to start an auxiliary. Once formed, the organization addresses the concerns and problems of the FOP members and their families.  Submit this Form if you are interested in starting a Local Auxiliary Lodge.

    More Information:
    President's Message
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